The struggle is real when you trying to lose weight. Any Deit or exercise aren't give you the result you are looking for.

Now try some alternative methods to get rid of excess weight.

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Make water drinking schedule.

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Upping your water intake is one the cheapest yet most effective ways to shed unwanted pounds. Water burn more calories and reduces your aapetite.The part is remembring when and how much water you can give your body, Let us know:-

1.Drink 2 glass of water with lemon in the morning to wake your body up, hydrate your empty stomach and boost metabolism.

2.Have a glass before lunch so, you don’t over eat.

3.After lunch not too soon drink 2 glass water,because this will help with digestion.

4.At 4 pm drink one more glass of water.

5.Drink one glass before dinner and one after dinner.

Smell green apples or Bananas before your meals.


Smelling bananas or apple before mealtime will ease your hunger , making you eat less than you would have otherwise.

This techniqueis scientifically proven by Dr. Alan Hirsch.He did reasearch on 3193 overweight volunters to smell bananas, apple before food.After 6 month most of them looses more than 100 pounds.

Light a Vanilla Candle Before Dinner


One study found vanilla scent works wonders when you are trying to lose weight.It activate different chemical reaction in your brain making you less hungry.According to ICU dietition Catherine Collins.

Take Picture Of Your Dishes Upload Your Food Conquest Online On Social Media


It will help you to rethink, what you are eating and you start eating healthier food because it looks good on shot.

Buy Some Blue Plates.

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Surround yourself with blue color, having blue wallpaper and eat in blue plates.You loose weight faster.A Study found color blue is an appetite suppressant, which means  it will help you feel less hungry.

Avoid red,yellow and orange these are the color used by fast food 

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chain to simulate your appetite and make you eat more.

Eats Eggs For Your Breakfast And Spicy Food For Lunch.


Eggs helps faster weight loss.Eggs are low in calories and they are also really filling and hold you off for a longer time.

Eggs are consider as supper food it contains vitamin A,D,E,B12 as well as Protein Zinc and Iron

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Chilli or red pepper for lunch.It’ll speed up your metabolism helping you achieve your dream body faster

Think Of Some Challenges That will Motivate You More.

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Try doing 10 push-up after having carbohydrate in your food, or run up and down on stairs 5 times every time you enjoy fastfood to burn some calories.Make it fun and you are notice you burning some calories.

Sleep In A Cold Room.

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Sleeping in cold room help you to lose weight. Trick is here you are surrounded by cold and that time your body produces more heat and burn calories.

Eat Food Slowly And Throughly

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If it takes you longer to eat and you consume your food slowly.You’ll have and easier time losing weight.

Chewing slowly gives your stomach enough time to tell the brain that its full.Take atleast 20 minutes to finish your food.Saver and enjoy your food.

Drink A Glass Of Wine Daily.

Red wine being poured into glass

A study says having a glass of wine helps you to lose weight faster.

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